The step platform isn't just for 90s-style aerobics videos! It’s a great tool that makes your current home gym complete. Using a step platform is perfect for cardio and can take your strength and HIIT workouts to the next level. It can even act as a weight bench and a low plyometric box. Add a step platform to your home gym and try these five free full-length step workouts!

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Cardio Step 4

  GOLD    |  47m

We’re going old school again with Cardio Step 4. Chris Freytag will take you through our fourth cardio step workout. This will be full-on cardio! These exercises will get your heart rate into zone 3 and keep it there for most of the workout. Chris will bring back some basic step moves, keep it athletic, and give you options to pump it up if you're feeling ambitious. All levels are welcome—get ready to sweat!

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© Get Healthy U TV. All Rights Reserved. 
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Cardio Step HIIT 1

  GOLD    |  45m

Chris will take you through work-to-rest intervals using the step platform. Incorporating intervals is what sets this routine apart from regular cardio step workouts. We'll push hard for a short period of time, then take a quick break. These athletic moves are simple to follow and easy to speed up so you can work at your maximal effort. Sweat will be dripping and time will fly by!

Step Strength 4

  GOLD    |  49m

oin Sam Cam as she takes you through round four of Step Strength. Get ready to feel your muscles burn—in a good way! This workout is focused on strength with exercises that will make you sweat and burn calories from hard work. The step platform adds a level of difficulty, but these exercises can be done without the platform as a modification. Get ready to rev up your metabolism and build muscle!

Triple Threat 5

  GOLD    |  52m

Shelley Hawkins is ready to lead you through the fifth version of a fan-favorite format. This circuit-based workout features two minutes of strength, two minutes of cardio, and two minutes of abs per circuit. We’ll do several of these six-minute circuits to work the whole body—but don’t worry, you’ll get a rest break after each circuit before moving on to the next. Shelley will use a step platform as a tool in this class, but if you don’t have one, you can improvise. 

Full Body Circuit (FBC) 6

  GOLD    |  47m

Trainer Tara Putz will take you through a fun mix of cardio and strength in this workout. Full Body Circuit has three blocks of work. Each block will focus on specific muscle groups and contain a base move, a build move, and a power move, giving you new, fun combos that challenge your whole body. This format is a great total body blast! Modifications will be given throughout the workout. Don't forget to check out our other FBC workouts!

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